Set of 3 balloons - 1 Foil Star with 2 Latex

The Wow Shop


Our sets of latex balloons are perfect for table or floor decorations to make your party location look amazing.  Tell us your colour scheme and personalised message and we will do the rest.  These sets of balloons contain 1 foil star and 2 latex balloons, the star having a personal message written in glitter on.  These sets when table standing are approximately 140cm (from the table) and when floor standing are approximately 160cm tall.

This balloon display is made entirely using Qualatex balloons. Qualatex balloons come in the fantastic array of colours that we want to be able to offer to our customers, and as we only use Qualatex balloons for this display you can be assured that this display will be looking good for your whole party and for days after. This balloon display should look at it’s best for 24 hours.

When choosing your message please ensure it is short and snappy for example "Happy 30th Birthday Sarah”.

Please note - this balloon is available for local delivery and collection only and can not be sent via post.